Manitoba is home to a vast supply of high value biomass and the necessary technology and infrastructure to develop it into biofuels, biomaterials and bioproducts.

BIOFIBE2011 was a tremendous success. Past attendees were able to see, hear and learn from industry leaders about how to incorporate bioproducts into their businesses to add value, increase revenue and increase operating efficiency.

Building on the success of the past BIOFIBE conferences, the BIOFIBE 2013 conference is about forging that strategic partnership to accelerate technology development and commercialization in the bioproducts industry.

Attend BIOFIBE2013 to meet your next business partner, learn how to strike up your next business deal, attract the money you need to launch your next venture or push your business ahead.

Why you should attend:

  • Hear about the secrets of successful collaborations and how to adopt those principles in your own business.
  • Network with attendees from across North America and Europe
  • Be a part of the movement advancing the bioproducts industry.

Meet other business leaders, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, investors, producers, policy makers and future business partners ... all at BIOFIBE2013.

BIOFIBE2013 is about partnerships. Accelerating technology development and commercialization is not possible without them.

It's working. Together.